The DECIPHER project wants to enable secure cross-border mobile access to existing patient healthcare portals which are individually supported by national (governmental) bodies. DECIPHER will deploy Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) to create step-change innovations in mobile patient ICTs. Using electronic patient records as the key enabling technology, this joint PCP will create technology-led service transformation in cross-border mobile healthcare, delivering significant benefits to patients and healthcare organisations.

CICYT (2015-2018): National Spanish project TEC2014-54335-C4-1-R.

Citizens as sensors in motion. Carrying their mobile devices, moving in their connected vehicles and actively participating in social networks, citizens provide a wealth of information that, after processing, can support numerous applications for the benefit of the community.

INRISCO identifies and reports on incidents in traffic (jam, accident) or public infrastructure (works, street cut); the occurrence of specific events that affect other citizens’ life (demonstrations, concerts); or environmental problems (pollution, bad weather)".