Network Services & Automation

Towards software-based networks sustained by programmability and AI techniques.


Positioning systems and algorithms for mobile terminal location.

Green Networking

Augmented energy efficiency in access and transport networks.


Approaches for IT services lifecycle to meet their user needs.


Slicing of edge datacenters and networks allowing for a plethora of new services


Building decentralized and reliable ecosystems with blockchain technologies.

5G and beyond networks

New Paradigm of 5G Wireless Internet and future networks

Vehicle to Everything

Creating connectivity for vehicles and the smart city. Electrical and autonomous vehicles. Mobility and safety.


Protection of personal sensitive data against unauthorized use. Data anonymization. Anonymous communication systems.

Network intelligence

Generation of new knowledge through AI and its application to network management, service provisioning and software-based networks and infrastructures, sustained by the programmability of data, control and management planes.


Protecting people and devices against cybersecurity attacks. Providing security to critical services (e-government and e-health).


Design of new algorithms, protocols and network architectures for efficiently enabling smart cities and moving towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm.