PostDoc (07/03/2023)

Fundació i2CAT

The i2CAT Foundation ( is a non-profit research and innovation centre that promotes mission-driven R&D activities on advanced Internet architectures, applications, and services. More than 15 years of international research define our expertise in the fields of 5G, IoT, VR, and Immersive Technologies, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI, and Digital Social Innovation. The centre partners with companies, public administration, academia, and end users to leverage this knowledge in order to meet real social and business challenges.

One of the topics under focus is privacy preservation applied to the health sector. This project ( will develop a threat sharing platform within the healthcare sector where sensitive information is processed every moment and the race for contact tracing applications has promoted the need for privacy, relies heavily on interconnected IoT solutions. This project involves multiple public and private bodies from 10 different EU countries.

As part of the regular work, the researcher is expected to:
* Participate in the development of the data security and privacy research activities of this area,
* Investigate the state of the art of the data privacy and cryptography enablers application, and maintain a scientific watch of relevant scientific communities.
* Build proofs of concept (prototypes) based on innovative ideas and technologies,
* Actively participate in the management of the project, and contribute to scientific and technical deliverable projects,
* Propose and support the industrial valorisation of the obtained results,
* Generate ideas and results leading to scientific publications and patents.

The selected researcher will work with i2CAT Cybersecurity team, in the context of this project, to develop a collaborative toolkit for complex ICT infrastructures that allows the creation and exchange of dynamic vulnerability databases, as well as taxonomies for cyber-attacks targeting ICT ecosystems, technologies, applications and services.

Minimum requirements:
* PhD in communication networks. Preferably related to Privacy, IoT, Cybersecurity in distributed environments,or related topics.
* Good knowledge and understanding of IoT systems.
* Sound understanding of Security, Privacy and Trust (e.g. Encryption, digital signatures, Public/Private Cryptography, data privacy, privacy preservation techniques, risk assessment/management, etc. ).
* Proven experience developing with any of the major programming languages: C/C++, Python, Java, etc.
* Analytical mindset able to propose solutions to new and known scientific problems and carry on activities proactively.
* Good written, communication and presentation skills. Good spoken and written English.

Desired requirements:
* Two years of experience in academia,
* Proven development experience building secure ICT solutions,
* Existing publications, patents, etc.

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